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Author – Artist – Communications consultant

Creative, innovative and data-driven professional with 7+ years of experience in digital media and corporate communications. Proven ability to grow online communities and equipped with a track record of success in digital media for regional and international projects for governments and NGOs.

Currently based in Montevideo, Uruguay, Bachelor’s Degree in Communications / MSc Business Analytics and Big Data, with further studies in digital transformation and sustainable development.

Poetry and songwriting connoisseur, with 2 poetry books recently released on Amazon, related to self-healing.


DEMON’S HOLE – get it now!

We all have demons. My way of letting them out has always been through poetry and songwriting. Some of them were fiction and very vague at first, as I didn’t want to face my issues as a teenager, but I kept on writing and through the years it became a form of healing and ended up being my biggest passion.

My first poetry book, Demon’s Hole, is a collection of 66 of my demons that I’m unleashing in a journey of self-discovery and that can hopefully help others unleash or expel theirs.

Demon’s Hole has reached the Top 100 Poetry books chart and the Top 200 Self-help books chart as well.

SAYING NO. LETTING GO. get it now!

This book is a journey of self-discovery through the complex reality of saying a word that sometimes is hard to say, because we fear the outcome, and that prevents us from sharing our thoughts, while it invites others into the temptation of stepping over us and taking advantage. But when we do say no, we are also letting go. We are letting go of that weight, pain and shame. All those years of tearful nights, of looking in the mirror and wondering why we didn’t have enough courage. 

Saying No. Letting Go. | The complex reality of saying no. The impossibility of letting go. was released in late 2022 and quickly outsold my first book. The book explores both concept through poems in the way of short stories.

LOVE IS PAIN get it now!

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? And it´s like we never learn. It’s a romantic comedy, but it’s also a Greek tragedy. It’s all and it’s nothing at the same time, and we don’t even know how to react, what to say, or whether to laugh or cry.

Love is PAIN., released in 2023, is a small collection of crazy stories (in the form of poems) that portray a rollercoaster of emotions I discovered within myself in a short period of time, as I fell in and out of love. 

Love makes us all a little crazy, and so was I during this time. I got upset, jealous, obsessed, and even paranoid.


I’ve been passionate about communications, marketing and social media since I was a teenager, and began building my own communities and websites with great success. I used my love for technology and social media to create the biggest Motorola fan community in the world, with 165k followers on social media and 2M+ website hits.

I am also the owner of the biggest Motorola phone museum in the world, with nearly 200 devices from the 80s to the newer releases.

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Some of my poetry and other art pieces are available as NFTs on OpenSea.
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Some of my academic work about marketing and social media is also available here.

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